Spain Gothic Architecture

Gothic designs in Spain had many of the same elements of other European countries. However; one of the most distinctive features of Spanish Architecture is the use of Islamic and Arabic influences in patterns, decorations and structure design. Often, structures used domes with a variety of different shapes and sizes to adorn the buildings. Spanish Gothic design was referred to as a hybrid, as it combined both European and Spanish-Arabic influences.

Intricate patterns and forms of vaulting were developed with curvilinear designs.  Many of the hybrid designs used in Spain appeared later in Europe and Central America.
Trademark Buildings:

  • Barcelona Cathedral (Cathedral of Santa Eulalia), Barcelona
  • Avila Cathedral, Castile and Leon
  • Burgos Cathedral, Castile and Leon
  • León Cathedral, Castile and Leon
  • Santa Maria del Mar, Catalonia
  • Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona, Catalonia
  • Cathedral Church of Saint Mary, Murcia
  • Segovia Cathedral, Segovia
  • Toledo Cathedral, Toledo
  • Valencia Cathedral, Valencia

Architecture Styles: