Santiago de Calatrava

Santiago de Calatrava and his works:

Spanish-born architect (July 28, 1951), and engineer, and urbanist, Santiago Calatrava, has been practicing on a professional level for about seventeen years. He made a name for himself in only 10 years, and established an architectural and engineering practice in Zürich (1981) and Paris (1989).

After studying architecture, he studied civil engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. After finishing his studies at the engineering school, he continued his studies as a doctoral student at the same school.

Calatrava began his professional practice in 1981 and opened his first architectural and engineering office in Zurich. His first realized project was the Jakem Factory in 1983 in Munchwilen, Switzerland. His second office was opened in Paris in 1989.

In his almost twenty years of practice, his projects have been the recipient of many awards. He won countless awards, including the 1992 Gold Medal of the Institute of Structural Engineers, and the 1987 Auguste Perret UIA Prize. His firm has designed numerous distinguished and innovative bridges, museums,concert-halls, and towers.

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