Online Architecture Courses

This is a list or quick access to SOME online architecture courses:

 Architecture History

  1. History of Ideas in Architecture 1: The Ancient & Classical Worlds
  1. Egyptian Pyramids
  2. The Ziggurat at Ur
  3. Stonehenge, England
  4. Viking Tombs Old Uppsala
  5. Tomb of Ch’in Shih Huang Ti, Mount Li
  6. Great Stupa at Sanchi
  7. Anuradhapura Dagobas,Sri Lanka
  8. Teotihuacan (Piramides de Teotihuacan)
  9. Temple of Amun-Re, Karnak
  10. Palace of Minos, Knossos
  11. The Parthenon, Ancient Athens
  12. Olympia and Greek Temple of Zeus
  13. Persepolis Persia
  14. Chaitya Hall, Karli
  15. Maison Carree, Nimes

2: History of Ideas in Architecture; Medieval Times

  1. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul
  2. Maxentius Basilica, Rome
  3. Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem
  4. Ibn Tulun’s Mosque, Cairo
  5. Kings College, Cambridge (the architecture)
  6. Dome of Soltaniyeh, Iran
  7. Süleymaniye Mosque, Turkey
  8. Blue Mosque (Ahmediye) Istanbul
  9. Taj Mahal, Agra
  10. Badshahi mosque, Lahore

3. History of Ideas in Architecture 3: Post-Medieval (Medieval to Early Modern)

  1.  Imperial Palace, Kyoto
  2.  Katsura Villa
  3.  Hideyoshi’s Castle, Osaka
  4.  Nikko
  5. Toyonaka field museum 
  1.  Moscow Kremlin
  2.  Red Square
  3.  Old Palace, Kolomenskoye
  4.  Winter Palace
  5.  log buildings,  Kolomenskoye; 18th-century houses
  6.  Anichkov  mansion 
  1. Sans Souci
  2. Chambord
  3. Escorial
  4. Sans Souci, Postsdam
  5. Tres Riches Heures: Charles V’s Louvre; peasant huts 
  1. Palazzo Medici, Florence
  2. Sephardic Synagogue, Amsterdam
  3. Villa Rotunda
  4. Vitruvius Britannicus
  5. Monticello
  1. Palazzi Rucellai, Riccardi, 
  2. Florence; Stock Exchange, Amsterdam
  3. Chiswick villa; slave cabins, Monticello

4. History of Ideas in Architecture 4: Modernist (c.1750 – c.1970)

  • Three Belief Systems in Western Architecture c.17500-c.1860 
  1. New Town, Edinburgh
  2. Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, Paris
  3. U.S. Capital
  4. University of Virginia Charlottesville
  5. Parliament Buildings, London.
  6. also:  Space museum, Wapakoneta Ohio; Ledoux’s model  guard house; Chaux Saltworks; Vendome column; Bourse,  St. Petersburg; Victor Considerant’s plan for a phalanstery;  St. Croix Orleans, Notre-Dame Montreal; Parliament Buildings Ottaw.
  • From Crystal Palace to Pravda Project: Mechanistic Theory in search of Architectural Form 
  1. Crystal Palace, London
  2. Science Museum, Oxford
  3. Paris Opera
  4. Viollet-le-Duc’s “Primaeval Hut”
  5. Eiffel Tower
  6. Einstein Tower, Berlin
  7. Project for Leningradskaya Pravda
  8. also:  prefabricated iron palace, Nigeria; Haussmann’s Paris plan;  Odeon Theatre, Paris; prehistoric reconstructions:  Terra Amata,  Mezarich; Sacre Coeur, Paris; Sagrada Familia, Barcelona; Paris  Metro; Unity Temple, Chicago; Larkin Factory/Office, Buffalo;  projects for the University of Minsk
  • The War Between the Wars:  Modernism Takes Command c.1920-1950.
  1. Viceroy’s Palace, New Delhi
  2. Stockholm City Hall
  3. Chrysler Tower, New York
  4. Dauhaus, Dessau
  5. Villa Savoye
  6. Marchfield, Nuremberg
  7. Colonial Williamsburg restoration
  8. Fallingwater
  9. Crown Hall, I.I.T., Chicago
  10. also:  “Greywalls” Gullane; Engelbrekt Church, Stockholm;  WCTU Building (Root) Chicago; Moscow University;  Rockefeller Center; prefab bungalows; Gropius/Breuer house,  Lincoln; “prairie house” by Frank Lloyd Wright, and suburban  house in “Prairie” style
  • Forever Future: The Modernist Moment c.1950-c1970
  1. UN Building, New York
  2. Seagram Building, New York
  3. Chandigarh
  4. Florida Southern College, Lakeland
  5. Expo 67, Montreal
  6. Pruitt-Igoe, St. Louis.
  7. also:  Bacardi Rum building,  Mexico City; Ronchamp; “Cite  Contemporaine”, City in the Sky, Tokyo; Hilberseimer’s  Ideal Skyscraper City; Roehampton; Akalla
  • Some Other Representativ Monuments To Modernist Ideas In Europe & North America
  1. Bamberg vcy
  2. Boullee’s projected monument to Sir Isaac Newton
  3. United States Capitol, Washington
  4. University of Virginia campus, Charlottesville
  5. Westminster New Palace (Parliament Buildings) London
  6. Physical Sciences Museum, Oxford
  7. The Bauhaus, Dessau
  8. Villa Savoye, Paris
  9. Marzfeld, Nuremberg
  10. Old Virginia Capitol in Historic Williamsburg
  11. Fallingwater, Mill Run, Pennsylvania
  12. Crown Hall, Ill. Inst. Of Tech., Chicago
  13. United Nations Headquarters, New York
  14. Chandigarh, Punjab
  15. Pruitt-Igoe housing project, St. Louis

5. History of Ideas in Architecture 5: Post-Modern Architecture (Ultra Modern Architecture )

Architecture history and deisgn from 1970 – 2014. Ultra modren architecture in Dubai, USA, UK, and the rest of the world.

Ultra Modren Architecture History:

  1. Dubai Modern Architecture
  2. United States Modern Architecture
  3. Europe Modern Architecture
  4. Asia Modern Architecture
  5. Modern Japanese architecture


  1. Modern Architecture Homes
    • What makes them modren? Pictures, examples and history. Most known modren architects.
  2. Glass in modern architecture
  3. Mid century modern architecture

Gothic Architecture Courses:

Architectural Technology

How to Build Your Own House

Building your own home: how and why? Where to start? Permits needed? Kind of permits? Do you need an architect? Software needed? Examples of what you can do with SkecthUp. Materials and Cost.

 Other Building Courses

  1.  Steps in Building a Building

Building Materials Courses:

  1. Building Materials
  2. What are building materials?
  3. Wood Properties
  4. Building materials pricing
  5. Custom building products
  6. Custom building materials

Architecture and Construction Terms

  1.  Architectural Terms
  2.  Architecture Design Process

Metal/Steel Design

  1. Steel building homes
  2. Metal building insulation
  3. Metal building materials

Construction Methods

  1. Post and beam construction

Buildings Cost

  1. Home Building Costs

Construction Saftey

  1. Construction safety topics
  2. Construction safety training
  3. Construction safety tips

Architectural & Construction Management

  1. Construction management jobs

Construction Specific Courses:

  1. Home theater design
    • Home theater room design design ideas. The interior of home theater. How to design your own home theater? What you need ? Whom you need go hires? Pictures of some cool custom ones..etc
  2. Green house construction
  3. How to build a fence ?
    • What you need. What kind of materials? Can you do it yourself? What free design software you can use? SkecthUp for example?
  4.  Building a fireplace
    • How to build a fire place ? What you need. What kind of materials? Can you do it yourself?
  5. Building a gazebo/gazebo building plans
  6. Building a log cabin
    • What do you need. What kind of materials? Can you do it yourself? Free design software? SkecthUp for example?
  7. Building a patio and building a patio cover
    • What do you need? What kind of materials?
  8. Building a pond
  9. Building a shed
  10. Building a storage shed
  11. Building an outdoor fireplace
    • What kind of materials to use?
  12. building bird houses
  13. Building costs
    • How much does it cost for different kind of buildings, homes, and small buildings etc.
  14. Building kitchen cabinets
  15. Building stairs
  16. Building trusses
  17. Cabin building
  18. Garage Building/Garage Building kits/Garage building plans
  19. Pool construction
  20. Stair construction
  21. Basement construction
  22. Swimming pool construction
  23. lean construction
  24. Chimney construction
  25. Fireplace construction
  26. Mobile home construction
  27. Pole building construction
  28. Granite construction
  29. Tree house construction
  30. Free greenhouse construction plans
  31. Shed roof construction

Buildings Codes:

  1. Residential building code..what is it? Examples? How it's different than commercial..etc.
  2. International building code
    • What is International building code ? Why building codes?

Specific Buildings Code Tutorials:

  1. Stair building codes
  2. Windows building codes

States Specific Buildings Code Tutorials:

  1. New york state building codes
  2. Ohio basic building code
  3. Florida building code plumbing
  4. Bahamas building code

Architecture Design Courses:

How to Design a Complete House?

Gardening and Design Courses:

  1. Home Garden Design
  2. Japanese garden home design..special features..images

Architecture Styles:

  1. Custom house design
    • How to design a custom home? Why ? Diffrence than regular design.
  2. Luxury home design
  3. Italian home design
  4. Mediterranean home design
  5. Victorian home design
  6. Spanish home design
  7. Beach home design

Other General Architecture Design Courses:

  1. Home Achitect
  2. House Ideas
  3. Architectural Photography

Design Tools and Softwars

  1. Free Home Design Software

  2. House design software

  3. Free house design software

  4. Free 3D house design

  5. Design software review

  6. Best home design software

Interior and Exterior Design

  1. Interior house design/home interior design and decorating/ contemporary home interior design
  2. Stone house design
  3. Home exterior design

Architecture Design (Media Studies)

Some other courses we are planning to add or that we have already added:

List of Topics:

Design Media and Representation Courses:

Architectural Model Making for StudentsArchitectural Model Making for Students

CAD Tutorials

Please refer to Design a Home

Students Resources:

Architecture Schools Guide:

  1. Online Architecture Degree
  2. About Architecture
  3. Best Architecture Schools/Top Architecture schools
  4. Become an Architect
  5. Why Not to Be an Architect ?
  6. Architectural Education
  7. Experiencing Architecture
  8. Architecture Professors
  9. After Architecture School
  10. Architect Internship
  11. Architect Salary
  12. Interior Designer?

Green Design Courses:

  1. Green building homes
    • Definition of green building. Green building cost. Construction of green building. Green building trade show
  • Building a greenhouse
  • What makes a green house a green house?
  1. Green building materials
    • Environmentally friendly building materials. Alternative building materials. Recycled building materials. Unique building materials. Innovative building materials. Reuse building materials. Energy efficient building materials. What is a green building?
  2. UK Green Building Design
    • Who and where? Examples of green design in the UK. What about government and private involvement? Images?
  3. Future of Green Building
  4. Building Green
    • What does it mean? How? Materials used..why?