Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milan)

Beginning in 1386, Duomo di Milan was initially built in the royannant Gothic style which had heavy French influence. Construction continued over many years and Architects and engineers also used a combination of classic and neo-gothic style, making the building a blend of different Gothic elements.


Because its construction continued over hundreds of years the cathedral embodies many different styles and influences and although many referred to the building as the most important Gothic structure in Italy, others have strongly criticized its blend of different styles and workmanship. 

Milan Cathedral, Italy

Useful facts:

  • Construction took place between 1386 - late 20th century
  • World's second largest cathedral
  • Length: 157 meters,
  • Height: 45 meters with tallest spire at 108 meters
  • Contains more than 3400 statues
  • Mainly materials used were brick and candoglia marble
  • The famous  Madonnina (Madonna) statue of the Virgin Mary sits atop Milan Cathedral
  • Contains 5 wide naves divided by 40 pillars
  • Noted for the thousands of spires on the exterior of the building

Architecture Styles: