Elias Redwan

Elias Redwan (born in July during the 1980's) is a Palestinian-born Canadian Architect who lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Redwan grew up in Gaza city, Gaza strip. His parents were entrepreneurs and landowners and passed on their love of nature and greenery to their children. From a very young age, Redwan felt inspired by the nature that surrounded him and felt attracted to the creative arts.

Redwan studied creative arts and design at The Palestinian Ministry of Culture where he began to cultivate his love and appreciation for architectural art and design. Redwan appreciated the connection between the design of buildings and human emotion. Redwan recognized that certain buildings created memories for people, since he himself has many memories attached to the different buildings all over the world.

When he turned 18, Redwan moved to Vancouver, BC, Canada where he continued his studies in the arts. At that time he also decided to expand his education into the area of psychology.  Redwan believed, and still believes, that the human mind and spirit are impacted by visual environments more than we care to acknowledge, and that “in order to create architectural designs that are heart-felt and that meld into the natural environment, you need to first understand the depths of the human mind and its vast expanse of emotion.”

While Redwan studied, he took on a more practical, hands-on approach that helped him develop his design skills. He opened a small hardwood flooring and home renovations company and experienced the construction side of building design. After a few successful years, Redwan stepped away from his business and continued his studies in architecture at The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada. There, he enrolled in an advanced placement program to complete his Master’s Degree in Architecture Design.

Redwan is visually inspired by the natural world, as it evokes feelings of peace and balance in his creativity. Redwan seeks to personify these feelings in his work, which is clearly seen in his structure, shape and colour choices. He currently resides in supernatural Vancouver, British Columbia, where he continues to be inspired and build his portfolio.

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