Sketchup Doors and Windows

Before we create the first level roof, we are going to add windows and doors. We are going now to learn how to use the Components window.

We must first import Components that contain doors and windows from the Google 3D Warehouse. This is a bit frustrating as I remember with earlier versions of SketchUp, those Components were already installed and ready to use out of the box with SketchUp. However, it's really easy to install them.

Select Window > Components. When the Component Browser is displayed, click the Select tab where you it shows a small house icon. Click on "Architecture" under Favorite. Click on DC Doors and Windows. Choose Swinging Door (Number 3 from the right). From the Components window, you'll select the folder containing the desired architectural element.

To add windows,in Components under Architecture, choose windows, the fourth from the left. You simply drag a window onto the face of a wall.

However, we must create an accurate line up. Everything in architecture must be done in details. You must measure everything. Nothing is left for a chance as later on you have to make a list of all these details for other people who are going to build your home such as engineers and builders. We will use the Tape Measure tool to create precise indication markers.

We will learn how to create a group to secure our design.

Alternatively, there is a way to save components on a local file instead of installing them every time form the warehouse. Simply type Doors on the search bar then click the details button (the arrow next to the search icon). Click on "Save as a local collection". Navigate to the the folder where you'd like to save the components. After you save it, the components listed in the search results will be saved to your folder. The same method can be used to add windows to our model.

Because Skecthup isn't a very advanced designing software, (powerful yes, easy yes, advanced no ! ) we must do some tweaking to make it work for us. Before adding our doors, we are going to make openings on the walls so the doors fit perfectly. On other softwares used by architects such as Revit or AutoCad, opening are made automatically simply when you place them on a wall. These programs, however, are extremely hard to learn for normal people and they are very expensive while Sketchup is free. Remember that many many architects actually use SketchUp to generate ideas before finalizing the design using a smarter and more advanced softwares. I know some architects that Sketchp is the only program they use, and they make it work for them.

To be continued