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Just in case you liked the idea of designing houses; here is a brief about becoming an Architect and Architecture in general.

  • What is Architecture Anyway?

The boring definition is : Architecture is the art and science of planning and designing all kinds of building such as homes, office towers, and schools. However, we architects like to define it as simply as this: Architecture is about passion for design and buildings..almost any kind of building. We work not to make money but rather to Indulge our passion for architecture.

It goes without saying that most Architects are usually talented people who like to design. Most Architects practice as a part of a private firm such as an estate developer company or an governmental institution. Some, however, are self-employed.

Clients of Architects include general people, companies, government or a building contractor.

Soon we will talk about why does Architecture matter, What do Architects do? What is a typical day for an architect at work or even at home?And how they deal with clients, win contracts, and solve problems.We will talk about how to become an Architect. And finally about architectural education and examination.

  • The House Architecture !

Are you wondering if you really need an architect to design your own house? What we mean by the house architecture is that it's designed by an architect to give it a specific meaning or look. It's does not necessarily need to be designed by an architect to be labeled as such; as long as the one who designed it understands the principals and elements of design.

The most popular house styles in North America and other parts of the world were designed by architects. However, almost every house was influenced by the vision of the house owner. The architect merely transfer the vision of a home owner to a design so it can be built.

Not all people are good with design, and not many understand the technical rules associated with the buildings industry and hence comes the rule of architects. Nevertheless, the ultimate satisfaction with a house design can be achieved when the owner of the house themselves actually design the house. That's basically the idea behind this website; to help you do it yourself. I can teach you to design all kind of houses, from Classical House Styles, Victorian House Styles, Frank Lloyd Wright House Styles, Modern House Styles, to Spanish and Mediterranean House Styles. All you need to do is to follow my instructions carefully, and also be patient as I add new lessons weekly.

  • About Architecture :

Architecture is basically the art and science of designing physical structures such as houses and buildings. If you are planning to design your own house, then it's a good idea to get familiar with basic of architecture and the nature of the practice of an architect.

Architects provide professional services in the design and construction of a building, house, or even a farm. They are involved in many different design activities such as urban design, landscape architecture, construction details and even furniture. These are all part of what we call architecture.

Architecture is the process of planning, designing and constructing the form and space of any kind of building. It is the creative manipulation and coordination of material, technology, light and shadow to create a living or a useful space.

However, architects are not only concerned with the design process, they are also heavily involved in preparing cost estimating of a building and also in construction administration. In addition to creating drawings, plans and technical specifications, they also coordinate and integrate engineering design.

They are three important terms that every architect must consider when designing a building:

* Durability - work of architects must powerfully built and must be designed to stand up and to remain in good condition for the longest time possible.

* Utility - obviously it must be useful and function well for people to benefit from it.

* Beauty - Architects are artists. They care very much about the look of their work, and their design should reflect this. Architects know great deal about Aesthetics ( branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of beauty, art, and taste) as great part of their work is about the creation and appreciation of beauty. Every architect should strive to fulfill each of these three elements of architecture as well as possible.

Because early human settlements were mostly rural, architecture was only about providing shelter, security, and worship places. Architecture nowadays is not limited by whatever available building materials and attendant skills as before. Human advancement in technology, knowledge and urbanization made architecture a craft rather than a mean to provide the basic necessities of human. As a results, we nowadays see many unusually beautiful houses and buildings.