Design Your Own House

This section is dedicated to people who want to learn how to design their own house. and all of its information and courses consists largely of written material provided by architects, designers, and builders. This section will to teach you how to design your own house and will give you a reasonable idea about the work an architect does. Questions regarding this section should be directed to the architect using the contact form.

How to Design Your Own Home

How to design a house

How to design a house

Helping You Design Your Special Home

You will find all the required information, resources and examples necessary to enable you to design your own home.  Before we get to the part where I show you literally how to design a complete house using a popular free and open source 3D software, we must first learn some designing techniques. Using a very easy to understand language, I'll guide you through the whole process of designing a house. We will start with general design issues that architects learn at the varying schools of architecture which they apply at work.

Modren House Design Example

The intention is not to make you an architect, but to help you design with confidence and to help you make informed decisions. We will discuss the process of creating a good Home Concept. Then we will talk about Housing Scheme. Also, we will explain how to develop a design. We will also explain in details the important phase of making construction document. Then finally we will be actually designing a home using an extremely easy yet powerful and free 3Ds program.

Reading carefully and following the steps I suggest, which are normally used by architects for residential houses, you will be able to understand the required knowledge that goes into the planning of a house. First Step: The Process: Understanding the fundamentals of the design process is the most important when it comes to designing your own home.

Designing a house is the process of shaping the experience and feeling of exterior and interior spaces through the manipulation of spatial volume and surface treatment. House designing is a creative practice. Before you start, you first analyze the programmatic information. Then you establish a conceptual direction and refine the design direction.

Lastly, you produce graphic communication (rendering of exterior and interior spaces to study the design before you build it) and construction documents for those who are going to build it for you and also for legal purposes. We will cover all these things in details. Some of the topics include but not limited to:

  • How to Plan and Draw/design Your Dream Home
  • Understanding Home Building Process
  • How to Make Blueprints