Construction Documents

Final Stage: how to make construction documents, construction proposals, specification documents and draft plans.

This is the last phase which what architects call "Construction Document Phase". At this stage of the architectural design process, the focus shifts from design to communicating the design and providing all information necessary for construction. You will design your first draft plans which will be fully detailed set of plans that you will use to build your house, or for the city approval and construction workers to use to build your home.Here are some example of construction documents that we are going to learn how to make later on.

Construction Document, Elevation Plan

  • House Sections:

House Sections Plans

  • Site Plan

House Site Plan

  • First Level Floor Plan of a House

First Level Floor Plan of a House

  • Seond Level Floor Plan

Seond Level Floor Plan

You will also find details about the following important subjects that you need to know at this phase when we finish designing the house:

  • House Plans
  • Open Floor Plans
  • Construction Proposal
  • Specification Document
  • Construction Terms
  • AIA Document
  • Construction Agreement
  • Construction Checklist
  • Construction Contracting
  • Construction Example
  • Construction Procurement
  • Construction Process
  • Construction Forms
  • Construction Planning
  • Construction Managers
  • Construction Contractors
  • Construction Services
  • Document Template