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Hello, I'm the professional architect and team member of I love teaching people how to design their own houses free of charge. It's easy, fun, and anyone with a little passion for design can do it. You can design as much of your home as you want without the help of an architect. I will guide you through the whole process step by step.

This section is a set of complete instruction sets from A to Z. You should start reading from the very first lesson as all the lessons are connected. To reach this section, you just need to click on the "design" button on the top menu. This section currently covers these subjects:


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Here are a list of the introductory core courses offered:

Design Elements - This course is about design elements. Design elements are things like line, color, shape, etc. Understanding design elements is fundamental. It’s extremely important to understand the ideas about the practice of good visual design in order to be able to design a house or anything else for that matter.  Design elements are the basis of all intentional visual design strategies.

Design Principles - This section is about the principles of design and house designing. Principles of design are very closely related to the design elements. In other words, how good we are in applying principles of design determines how successful we are in creating and designing a good house or any piece of art in general. We will discuss the principles of design elements such as balance, gradation, harmony, contrast etc in house design. We must thoroughly understand these terms before we start designing a home.



Remaining Full Course List for Design: