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Online Architecture Degree & Education: If you want to study architecture online, read this article before you attempt to because unfortunately most articles written about available online architecture degrees are not up-to-date. Many websites don’t update their sources, and many are deceiving.

At last, advances in technology made it possible now to have a fully accredited online architecture degree. But, there is only one fully accredited online architecture degree available which will be accepted worldwide, especially in Canada and the United States.

This degree is offered by a university which offers most of their courses through the internet while at the same time requiring students to work under the direct supervision of a registered architect in the local area. This is in addition to the traditional classroom design studio.

Studying architecture online can offer students the flexibility needed for such a demanding field. Students in this field of education have the ability to work their studies around their lives. In this case, you will have the opportunity to work with a registered architect which means that you will not only be getting valuable work experience, but you will also be getting paid for studying. If you are raising a family, and need to have a flexible schedule, this is a great opportunity.

Education is rapidly taking advantage of the valuable tools that the internet has brought into our lives. More online degrees are available as more schools offer their courses and degrees online.

There are many online degrees available from a variety of schools that have courses through the Internet, and there are also well-known universities and colleges that offer many online programs. However, architecture is a strict field. There is no easy way to become an architect, unless if you just want to design houses without becoming a registered architect, which is allowable if you simply want to design houses or buildings up to three storeys high.

You must know that such a program will require you to be very self- disciplined. You have to be good at design, be willing to overcome challenges, and you need to familiarize yourself with many rules, such as a thorough understanding of safety and architectural codes. You really can't master all of the architectural principles with just an online program of study. Therefore, the program we are talking about requires you to work under the supervision of a registered architect, much like a practicum.

An online architecture program might not seem practical because many architecture classes are studio design classes where students have to build models and practice a variety of other activities. Moreover, architecture requires intense education and training. All of these things were acquired in the past through practical experience.

However, this program aims to teach architecture as it should be taught, through practice. That is why this program is gaining such a great reputation and will be fully accredited. Because the architectural field is highly regulated by accrediting agencies, this program is actually offered by one of the biggest architectural organization in Canada, and it conforms to standards of the accrediting agencies in Canada and the United States in order to produce qualified architects.

Students will graduate with a degree equivalent to the standard professional master or bachelor degree. After graduation, you can directly apply to become a registered architect, instead of becoming an intern architect since by the time you graduate you would have been working in the field for many years.

Distance Architecture Degree:

Prior to 2008, this program was only available to Canadian students with 10 local design studio chapters scattered throughout Canada. Fortunately, starting 2008, an online architecture degree will be available to everyone.

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada is joining Canada's leading online university to offer this excellent online architecture program. RAIC and Athabasca University are working on moving the design studio entirely online. This program will to be the first complete architectural program available online that offer an accredited architecture degree.

Margaret Haughey, PhD, Vice-president Academic at Athabasca University announced the partnership:

"Athabasca University and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada are joining forces to provide architectural training through distance education. A memorandum of understanding signed by the partner institutions has activated a process through which Athabasca University will become the education provider for the RAIC Syllabus Program.

"The planned distance program will give students who are unable to attend a campus-based school of architecture access to architectural education. Graduates will earn an RAIC professional diploma in architecture.

"A conceptual design for the program has been completed and it is now going through the first program approval steps at Athabasca University. Eventually, the program will be submitted for approval of the Campus Alberta Quality Council.”

If you are interested on becoming a draftsman, and choose to take some online architectural courses through other institutions, or for any other reasons, then you should be sure that the courses are accredited and will count towards some kind of a final degree.

About The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, and Athabasca University:

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada was established in 1907 and is the voice for architecture and its practice in Canada. It represents more than 3,200 practicing architects. The purpose of the RAIC Syllabus Program is to provide architectural education nationally through practical experience and through courses of study for aspiring and current members of the profession and for members of the public who have a personal interest in architecture.

About Athabasca University:

Athabasca University, Canada's Open University, is one of the world’s foremost and fastest growing online and distance education specialists, serving 34,000 students worldwide. AU offers over 700 courses in more than 60 undergraduate and graduate degree, diploma and certificate programs.

Architecture Educational Guide

Before you even think about registering with the online architecture program we advise you to read the following valuable information. You will have one first chance to register with program, so don't make the decision without thinking it through and without the proper information (as with any architectural institution if you get rejected once, it's hard to get accepted again). It's extremely hard to get accepted, but we can significantly impact your acceptance to it if you follow the guidelines and information we can provide to you in the guide.


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I have worked as an Architect for 7 years by designing, building and managing projects. I want a professional formation and a degree to support my experience and get better at what I enjoy so much doing.

I have worked a  draftsman for 10 years designing building and need a degree in architecture. i hope...

how do i apply for the online Architectural course

For more information check out:

For more information check out:

Sorry but I cant find anything... not the guide... not the courses, I open the design a Media Room course, or the Arch Technology section  and all ai see is an intrduction and nothing else, no links, am I doing it all wrong? please help

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As a 55 years old man, I am new to the Internet and there are some challenges using it. I was just browsing aimlessly when I came across your offer. Trained in the drawing room as a draughtsman with morethan 20 years experience in building design. I would now like to get certificate in architecture if you could accept me as your student

Hi, you can apply through the website online. For more information check out: For Application Instructions you can go to: If you have any queries then just email the syllabus office on: Just copy and paste the links into your browser.
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How to apply online courses

Hi, you can apply through the website online. For more information check out: For Application Instructions you can go to: If you have any queries then just email the syllabus office on:
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I am so impressed with this degree program, this will really help for people who are already in this industry or those beginners who are looking to do some output in architecture. Its better to enroll in these courses rather than buy degree from unaccredited universities. but still there are some universities which are providing accredited degrees in many fields like and etc.
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