Home Construction Mid-Stage

Building Your Dream House


Phase 2: Construction Mid-Stage

If you have reached this stage, congratulations! 

When you are working to build your own home, the experience can become overwhelming at times. But to have the ability to custom design and choose your own home layout and building structures makes it all worthwhile. I know that once we reached this stage, we had already dealt with some delays, mainly because of unpredictable weather conditions. But the team we chose was very dedicated and adjusted well to the changes in plans.

This is why it was so important to make sure you chose a team that is hard-working, flexible, and dedicated to the job. It is worth it to spend the time to choose the best possible fit for your team when you decide to build your own house.

Let’s highlight all the things you have accomplished up until this point, so you can pat yourself of the back and see how far you have come. When we reached this phase, we really had to pause and take everything in. At this point, you should have completed the following important steps when building your home:

Home Construction \

  • Getting your finances and permits in order – During this phase, you should have developed your building plan and made sure you have your money plan as well. Approval and permits would have also been put in order before the building process can begin
  • Create the building layout – Here, you establish the layout of the house, and look at property line. You also discuss site planning with your team.
  • Excavation and footings – At this stage, you should being the excavation, and making sure you have the proper equipment to do so.
  • Backfill and foundations – This is the base of your home and the heart of the construction process. Making sure that you have taken your time during this stage is essential.
  • Framing – Here, during the last stage if phase 1, you would have competed your framing for the shell, floor, roof and walls.

Alright, now we move onto the next exciting phase of your soon-to-be completed dream home! Take a step back, enjoy what you have done so far, and continue your hard work.