Construction Finishing

Phase 3: Construction Final Finishes

Now you are nearing the end of completing your dream home. Stage 3 is when you see all your hard work and your vision pull together. Enjoy this stage; you can put in the final touches and add personal taste here and there to make this building your own home!

The main things you will tackle during phase three have to do with the final finishes in your home. Items such as dry-wall finishes, painting, varnishing, etc. You will also install things like your fixtures, cabinets, and do your painting from room to room. And, of course, the last but not least finish, will be your landscaping. This we thoroughly enjoyed; we see our home as a haven away from our busy work lives and so we invested a lot time into designing a beautiful garden and landscape.

Home Construction Finishes

Here is a quick summary of each of the steps for you:

Stage 1 – Interior Finishing: Finish the ceilings, walls, and floor finishes. Once these items were completed and were prepared for painting and varnishing, we completed the other carpentry work such as finishes around interior doors, handrails, frames, and trim.

Stage 2 – Fixtures, Cabinets, Paint: Begin with interior painting, then install cabinets and fixtures. Once the painting is done, the cabinets can be installed. Major equipment connections, such as furnaces, water heaters, stoves, clothes dryers, etc. are connected during this time. Final fixtures for plumbing, electrical finishes, light fixtures, and other fixtures are also installed.

Stage 3 – Landscaping:  This stage can be seen as the final touch to finishing your house building. Items such as fences, decks, walkways, steps, driveways, gardens, shrubs and trees are put into place.

You are one step closer to completing your dream home! If at any point you need to remember what you did for each stage, browse through our modules once again to help you build your own house.