Building a Home

Hello, I'm the professional builder and team member of This section is dedicated to people who want to build their own house.  I'll be teaching you in details how house construction works. I'll explain everything you need to know about building new houses and also talk about how to build your own home. You will feel much more informed when building your own home after reading the entire lessons provided in this section.


Start Here

Here are a list of the introductory core courses offered:

How to Build Your Own House - This is an introduction

Sustainability - This course is about sustainable housing building methods. The concept of house sustainability is basiclly buildings new homes for todays' people while keeping in mind the needs of future generations.

Materials - This an overview of home building materials used to construct the house. We will talk about glass, plastic, foam, cement composites, fabrics, wood, metals, and rocks and everything else that are used to construct buildings.


Remaining Full Course List for Building: